Sharia Supervisory Board

Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad Sultan

Originally from Germany, Sheikh Muhammad Ahmad Al Sultan has almost a decade of experience as a Sharia consultant and has served clients around the world in a variety of industries ranging from banking institutes and financial services to corporate and private equity entities. Being able to converse in English, Arabic, Deutsche and Urdu, Sheikh Muhammad is well versed in Islamic Law and Fiqh (jurisprudence). Sheikh Muhammad has been authorised by the Central Bank of Bahrain as a Sharia Advisor.

Sheikh Waleed Al Mahmood

Sheikh Waleed Al Mahmood began working in 1989 as a legal researcher at The Research and Legal Affairs Department at the General Organization for Social Insurance. After 10 years as a legal researcher, he joined the Sharia Supervision Department in Al Baraka Islamic Bank as a Manager. In 2005, he served as a Sharia Judge in the High Court at the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs and in 2007 he served as a Member of the Sharia Supervisory Board in Al Baraka Islamic Bank. Sheikh Waleed is a member of the Islamic Society in Bahrain and has participated in various specialized Fiqh (jurisprudence) conferences and seminars, as well as provided numerous contributions to preaching and religious teaching in mosques in Bahrain. He received his Master's degree in Sharia and Law from the American Open University in 2007.

Sheikh Dr. Salah Fahad Al Shahoob

Sheikh Dr. Salah is a Sharia scholar and an Assistant Professor at the Islamic & Arabic Studies College of Applied Studies at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has numerous research papers on various subjects within the field of Sharia and Islamic studies. Sheikh Dr. Salah holds a Masters degree from Al Imam University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and a PhD from Edinburgh University, United Kingdom.